This is something that’s been annoying me for awhile now, but I’m finally letting it out! It’s just a useless rant about useless shit, but I need to write it somewhere! Just to clear things out, this post is not personally directed towards anyone. I just need to let my bottled up thoughts out.

Hm where to begin..? Oh yeah, “MODELS.” I’ve noticed that every other girl is trying to make it into the modeling industry now. Not trying to be mean, but do you really think you have what it takes? It’s not all fun and games. It’s about business, networking, and being professional. If you think it’s all about glamour and wearing sexy lingerie, or showing your tits to the world, then you are oh so wrong my friend. Modeling is an art; I feel like people misunderstand the art in modeling. It’s not how sexy you can be, but what your body and facial expressions tell people about the photo. There has to be a story behind every picture. 

Some girls are modeling for all the wrong reasons nowadays. I’m sure they don’t all have a huge passion for it. They just do it for the attention. Also, models get paid. They get paid to do shoots, they get paid to do appearances at events, and so on.

One last thing before I end my rant. “Models” don’t show up a car shows/meets with short ass tank tops on and your ass hanging out. Please do not sit on other people’s cars and rub your down there parts all over it without their permission because not only is that so disrespectful to the car’s owner, but it’s down right grimey too.. That’s not modeling, that’s just ew.

Feels so good to just let it all out! I could have added more, but I just didn’t have the words to put it here. Well alright, have an awesome day! It’s really hot. 

*EDIT- forgot to add one more thing. If you’re going to model, at least have decent pictures. Meaning, don’t try to work with every photographer that comes your way. You need to really look at their work. If their photos are really nicely taken, then you have a good chance of getting nice images. If not, you’re screwed.

Every time I see something related to this that annoys me, I’m going to reblog my post again.. -___-

THIS GIRL GETS ME THOUGH<3 Swear, we think alike. I love Tiff! ♥

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